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Tourgee's Early Life

Tourgee's Early Life

Discuss the events of Tourgee's early life, from his upbringing in Ohio, his schooling at University of Rochester, and his correspondence with his future wife Emma.

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Challenging the Established Order on Gender and Race

Challenging The Established Order On Gender And Race

Share your thoughts on the effectiveness of the challenges and protest methods in the civil war era over the subject of gender and race relations. Did you feel it was effective? Do you think they could have handled it a better way? How do you feel about our current times we live in, and the protest methods we use now? Do you feel the majority of American's are apathetic on these issues, or do you see increases in the voices demanding change? Consider recent developments like Occupy Wall Street, and the Arab Spring uproar on Twitter. How do these modern challenges compare to the Civil War era?

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Author & Activist in Tarnished Gilded Age

Author & Activist In Tarnished Gilded Age

The Gilded Age refers to an era of serious social problems disguised by a thin gold gilding, designed to make life seem great, while hiding the problems of society, especially the less powerful classes of immigrants and newly freed slaves. However, several prominent writers of the time, such as Tourgee and Mark Twain, were very vocal critics of the existing political and social situations, in an attempt to bring awareness and then action to these oft-neglected edges of society.

Share your thoughts and help answer other visitor's questions about this period in our nations history, as well as consider if this activism continues today and its effectiveness in this modern age.

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NCRA and Plessy vs Ferguson

NCRA And Plessy Vs Ferguson

Discuss the outcome of Plessy vs Ferguson, how the "equal, but separate" ruling affected the nation during that time period, and the future of civil rights and race relations in the United States

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Reflections and Last Words

Reflections And Last Words

Discuss the impact of Tourgee's life work, on the history of our nation's reconstruction and civil rights movement. Hypothesize where would we be today if things happened differently during Tourgee's era?

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Your Place, Your Memories

Your Place, Your Memories

Every village, town and city has stories to tell from the past. Many of these stories are found in local museums, libraries, historical societies and even newspaper archives. Some may be found in personal family histories. The voices of the past connect to voices of today through these stories. You are invited to share stories you have uncovered from your community or family – from long ago or just recently, that are part of the ongoing dialogue for human and civil rights in America.

You can also use this forum to locate or provide genealogical information about people and places of the post-Civil War period, using the appropriate state sub-forums.

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