What Influence Did The Western Reserve Region Have On Tourgee's Viewpoints?

Tourgee Exhibit Currator
Tourgee Exhibit Currator
Thu Oct 24, 2013, 1:44 pm
How do you think Albion Tourgee's viewpoints were shaped by the expansive frontier land of the Ohio Western Reserve?

Other effects to consider are:

  • growing up in an area settled by people with progressive ideas of abolition
  • losing his birth mother at an early age
  • not being close to his father
  • living in a relatively wide open wilderness area
  • not getting along well with his stepmother
  • living with a relative at a good distance away from his home during his formative years
  • and going away to college in Upstate NY.

How do you think any or all of these circumstances affected Tourgee's viewpoints they he followed in his later life?

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