The principles of the NCRA focused on member responsibilities

The principles on which the organization was to operate were drafted by Tourgée taking care to point out the people, not the organization, bears responsibility for defining and recognizing rights of citizens:

The National Citizens Rights Association is composed of an organized body of American Citizens who believe-

1 – That National citizenship is not a sham nor a farce but the most precious result of our national life of a century of progress toward self-government

2 –That a barren right whose enjoyment is not secured by law nor enforced by authority is a verbal mockery of justice unworthy of a place in any constitution

3 – That a right once granted to a citizen cannot be lawfully taken from him away by any form of legislation except as a punishment for crime,?legislation, by intimidation or violence.

4 – That the right of free speech, free public assembly, a free ballot and equalityequality of civil privilege and the ?and efficient exercise of the voters’ prerogativeselection (?) are violate(?) to the permanency and prosperity of any republic.

6 – That the Nation has the right power and it is its…duty to protect its citizens…


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