Alexander S. Jackson describes the NCRA as fulfilling the mandate of US Constitution

One reader, Alexander S. Jackson from New Orleans, Louisiana, describes the formation of the NCRA as a move forward towards fulfilling the mandate of the U.S. Constitution.

In his letter dated November, 1891, he writes:

I am unknown to you. I am a Negro minister. For years I have closely followed the course of your human pen, both in books and current literature. Your last book "Pactolus Prime,” I have read and reread with peculiar interest.

Your proposition to organize a National Citizens Equal Rights League brought joy and strength to my heart. We have had Lake Mohonk conferences of our white friends, and national conferences of ourselves, which have all no doubt been good enough intermediate measures, but this thing which you propose looking as it does to unifying all classes – true white men and true colored men – who believe and feel that the word citizen should be the name for a fact, and not a mere meaningless term to some, is truly and broadly American. You are putting in the sickle to reap from the seeds which were sown in the constitution a quarter of a century ago…


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