A proposed scheme to form a colony for African Americans to live and work is discussed

Tourgee also writes he cannot financially support the colonization scheme proposed by Robinson "It might, no doubt be profitably done but it would require very careful management…”

Robinson had earlier (1891) published a pamphlet titled, "Solemn facts for Colored Man and His Friends to Ponder", in which he suggests that African Americans and their white supporters pool their resources to create a fund of five million dollars to purchase land and essentially create a "colony” or community that will enable African Americans to develop capital enterprise that they have been unable to accomplish largely because of white obstructionists.

Robinson’s essay places the accomplishment of reconstruction upon the southern white racists rather than upon the radical republican reformers: 

Judging by the past and present, what have you to expect in the future? Nothing less than absolute serfdom – worse than the barbarous slavery it takes the place of…

The South has not only reconstructed the nation, but also "public opinion which hath the force of law.”

…The growing apathy regarding the colored man’s status in the nation is the danger signal, and no power can change it but himself, which he must do at any cost.

This is a commercial nation, and commerce controls legislation.   If the colored man – as a class – owned land, and was growing in wealth, with a corresponding demand for the necessaries and luxuries of life, there would not be this indifference. (pp. 4-5, 10)


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