Reflections and Last Words

Reflections And Last Words

    …by the death of Albion W. Tourgee mankind has lost a brave soldier, a learned jurist, a talented writer, and a rare idealist who placed humanity above race, color, and artificial social distinctions… (Charles Chesnutt on behalf of the Niagara Movement, memorial tribute to Tourgee, 1905)

Tourgee was indeed a lifelong idealist who though never really achieving great political success himself, nevertheless inspired countless others who would continue the struggle for equality.

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Albion-Tourgee-Exhibit-9516_181683773.jpg The View from Abroad

Tourgee’s self-imposed exile as a diplomat abroad did not change his views on the state of race relations in America, but nor did it alter his perceptions that the best hope for human rights and freedoms lay with a truly republican government rather than any form of monarchy.

Albion-Tourgee-Exhibit-lunchcounter_sit_in.jpg Another Time

We can look back in history, over the last one hundred and twenty or so years and ask ourselves: Were Bruce and Tourgee right? Why does it take so long for racial prejudice to end? Will it ever end? Both men firmly believed that a national citizenry, well educated about the problems inherent in race prejudice would help strengthen the country’s national resolve, morale, and overall well-being. Over one hundred and twenty years have passed since these men expressed their views…are we any further along at this time?

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