Tourgee in North Carolina

Tourgee In North Carolina

    "…the author has exposed the central dilemma in that the war and the end of slavery was not the end of efforts but a beginning in the American attempt to undo all that the years of enslavement had brought to bear in social, cultural and political values…[the author] casts the slaveholding characters to be as much victims of an abnormal set of human relations…” (1875 Review of Tourgee’s first novel, ‘Toinette, by the Methodist Episcopal Church Quarterly)

There were many people like Tourgee who believed the "slave culture” was a mindset resulting from generations of unequal and unjust social relations between the races, existing in both North and South, in Republican and Democratic party circles alike. 


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Opportunity in North Carolina Opportunity in North Carolina

In June 1865, Tourgée received a letter from North Carolina’s newly appo ... read more

Populating The South Populating The South

Holden assures Tourgée that should he or other northern men come to North ... read more

Suffering in The South Suffering in The South

There is another letter, dated May 12, 1868 in which Holden makes a general ... read more

Political Troubles with Reconstruction Political Troubles with Reconstruction

The “political troubles” were only just beginning as the economic depre ... read more

"Tourgée's Plan"

Tourgée moved to Greensboro, North Carolina, where he purchased a large tr ... read more

Bennett College Bennett College

Bennett College, today a woman’s college, was formally established as a c ... read more

The Union League The Union League

Much like his involvement with the Wide Awakes at the University of Rochest ... read more

Public conventions Public conventions

All factions with a stake in shaping postwar America would take their case ... read more

Reluctance to becoming Reluctance to becoming "Desouthernized"

In order to return the South to the Union, it would essentially have to be ... read more

Strong language in newspapers Strong language in newspapers

Interestingly, the sources for the 1912 article mentioned above (The Union ... read more

A Nation in Turmoil A Nation in Turmoil

By 1867, a growing rift in the Republican Party was deepening over ways to ... read more

Dunn's Plea for Peace Dunn's Plea for Peace

Some Republicans attempted to overcome these internal divisions, and to rec ... read more

North Carolina Constitutional Convention North Carolina Constitutional Convention

Tourgée was among those sent as delegates to the North Carolina Constituti ... read more

Minority report of the Committee on Suffrage Minority report of the Committee on Suffrage

Early on, by motion of a Mr. (Joseph Carter) Abbott, Tourgée was chosen As ... read more

African American schools African American schools

There was a great deal of debate during the 1868 Constitutional Convention ... read more

Separate but equal Separate but equal

The amendment and substitute were rejected and the section was later adopte ... read more

The native Southern anti-federal sentiment The native Southern anti-federal sentiment

The native Southern anti-federal sentiment in the convention was strongly c ... read more

New Constitution ratified in 1868 New Constitution ratified in 1868

The Constitution of 1868 incorporated the 1776 Declaration of Rights into t ... read more

Civil Code for North Carolina's courts Civil Code for North Carolina's courts

Tourgée had been one of three men appointed during the 1868 convention to ... read more

Struggles with factions Struggles with factions

While attending to the business of taking part in the convention and writin ... read more

Elected to State Superior Court Judge Elected to State Superior Court Judge

At the same time, possibly because of his connections with Holden, Barringe ... read more

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