Challenging the Established Order on Gender and Race

Challenging The Established Order On Gender And Race

    …We do not regard the right to vote as natural or inherent, but conventional merely – to be regulated in such a way as will best promote the welfare of the whole community. Upon this principle, women and minors have been excluded. Is there any reason why the negro should be advanced to a higher position?... (Minority report of the Committee on Suffrage and Eligibility to Office, North Carolina State Constitution Convention, 1868)

Tourgee was a supporter of suffrage and equality of rights not only for African Americans, but also for women. Despite his skepticism for organized religion and official doctrines, Tourgee’s lifetime dedication to the ideals and principles of equal rights, human rights, and justice were greatly influenced by his early exposure and inclination to test the beliefs imbued in his Abolitionist upbringing.



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