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US Senate Apologizes For Anti-lynching Failure

The U.S. Senate on Tuesday offered an apology for failing to stop racially motivated lynchings of past generations

Tourgee Bio Link

Tourgee Bio Link

Read a brief biography of Albion Tourgee on the "Documenting the American South" website.

History of Ohio's Western Reserve

History Of Ohio's Western Reserve

Learn about the history behind Ohio's Western Reserve

Ohio Politics described anti-slavery opinions

Ohio Politics Described Anti-slavery Opinions

A letter from Milton Sutliff to Abraham Lincoln describing anti-slavery opinions in Ohio's Western Reserve.

HR Bill 123, set aside land in Ohio's Western Reserve for schools

HR Bill 123, Set Aside Land In Ohio's Western Reserve For Schools

View the original bill HR 123 which set aside land for schools in Ohio's Western Reserve

Love Letters between Emma and Albion Tourgee

Love Letters Between Emma And Albion Tourgee

Learn how Couples Courted in Antebellum America, before there was telephones, facebook, and ichat ...

Henry Smith Lynching

Description of Henry Smith's Lynching in Paris TX, 1893