National Citizens' Rights Association


National Citizens' Rights Association

1891 Tourgee establishes the National Citizens' Rights Association, one of the earliest national civil rights organization in the United States
Novelist, folklorist, dramatist, and anthropologist Zora Neale Hurston was born in Eatonville, Florida

NY Times article on Prof. Jenks lecture on the future of the Negro race

Charles Chesnutt Bio and Charles Chesnutt article, "A Multitude of Counselors" The Independent 43 (Apr. 2, 1891): 4-5.


1895-96 US Report on National Education (stats on white and black students)See p. 2081-2090 for chapter on "education of the Colred Race” that includes opposing views on higher education for African Americans (Mitchell and Booker T. Washington) as well as stats on white/black students.

Afro American Press Association of the US

John Mitchell, Jr. (1891 Pres. of AAPA of US)


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